10 Most In Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2020 and beyond

10 Most In Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2020 and beyond | Trends in Digital Marketing 2020

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Marketing is an ever-growing field that has been into dynamic changes since the internet. Here are the 10 Most In Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2020 and beyond and trends in Digital Marketing.

According to the Reuters report, Digital Marketing spend in the United States and the United Kingdom alone is at $52 billion which 44% increase than the previous year.

According to one report, when all other marketing functions are saturated there is a big gap in demand and supply of Digital Marketing Services. Demand is at 59% and supplies only at 19% which means that there is still a lot of opportunity for growth and is a smart choice for a career.

Digital marketing jobs demand

In order to be at the top of the game, you need to master and combine the right set of skills to become the most in-demand business professional in the industry.

To really boost your career in 2020 and beyond which are the skills you’ll need to learn and master, let’s find out.

Most In Demand Digital Marketing Skill 2020 : Skill #1 SEO 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the basics of Digital Marketing.

Google updated its algorithm 3234 times in 2018. While most of these updates are small still marketers need to quickly adapt their SEO strategies. SEO can get your business free leads and immediately reduces the cost of customer acquisition.

SEO is not only about google search results it also develops customer experience and relevance of a website. Users trust search engines on getting relevant information therefore google works hard to maintain and make relevant results on the top of their result page.

SEO in your local business area or a city high ranking shows the authenticity and popularity of business thus driving leads. These are the reasons why you need to learn SEO and generate leads for your business.

Most In Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2020 : Skill #2 PPC Ads

PPC Ads stands for pay per click ads In this model of advertising, advertisers pay Search Engines such as Google or Bing to rank at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In short, it is a way of buying visits or buying traffic to your website instead of getting your traffic from the regular organic search results.

Learning cost-efficient pay per click ads is one of the most important skills you can learn in the realm of digital marketing. For each query, Google shows 10 results per page. At a time google shows 10 pages to the user for a search query. Businesses need to stand out their product or product from the clutter to reach the SERP. This can be a time taking process sometimes therefore PPC ads can help businesses to get at the top position of the search engine results page. There are many benefits in the running PPC ads: 

1) You have control over your budget you can decide how much you want to spend, how much you are willing to pay for a particular click. 

2) You get instant feedback and results unlike in SEO

Running  PPC ads is one of the most efficient ways to get leads for a business and if a person has that skill, they are highly valued in the organization.

The right balance of organic traffic for SEO and PPC ads can lead a business to new heights.

Most In Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2020: Skill #3 Video Marketing

It is 2020 and video marketing is booming exponentially, marketers use videos to reach out to the customers and spread the word of their product. According to the study, 90% of marketers are running Facebook ads this year. This makes video marketing an important  Digital Marketing skill to learn in 2020. Video ads perform way better than any other type of ads they give the maximum conversion and engagement rate. Here are some quick facts: More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. Youtube has over a billion users almost one-third of total internet users, 82% of users watch video content on Twitter.

Videos optimized for mobile can give businesses a high engagement rate. The human attention span is getting shorter day by day and getting shorter videos and marketing helps deliver messages more effectively in a short amount of time by all the striking an emotional chord that is not present in the text format.

Therefore learning video marketing skills becomes one of the most important digital marketing skills that you can learn in 2020 and beyond.

Skill #4 Copywriting

According to Wikipedia copywriting is defined as the act or occupation or profession of writing the text for the purpose of advertisement or other forms of marketing. When you are a digital marketer one of the most essential and important jobs makes sales and revenue for the organization and a good and precise copy helps you exactly do that. This is why copywriting comes among the top digital marketing skills required in 2020 and beyond.

So why is a good copy important for your business?

1)Helps customers understand products or services better.

A good copy requires in-depth knowledge of the product and the topic. Good coffee for the perfect balance between information and relatability. It sounds easy but not every writer can do this especially for smaller or less popular niches.

2)Helps in building brand image among customers

A good copy effects the customer’s perception of the brand and reflects their buying habits and decisions. Good copywriters are able to understand the image that a company is trying to put or portray to your customers.

3) Helps in content marketing and value-driven content.

Every content on a website has to serve a purpose in order to get readers hooked. You only get one chance or impression to create and you have to precise at what you right. Readers look for quality content and a good copywriter provides them with it.

You can check copywriting courses on SkillShare

Skill #5 Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is the process of analyzing data from various sources like website mobile apps and others. It provides marketers with a clear vision of how users are customers who are behaving on their websites or apps. There are various tools in the market to get the relevant data for your website, the right tools will also make the marketing strategy of the business formidable. One thing to know is that no tool is ever as important as the analyst behind it.

Learning Digital Analytics is one of the most in-demand Digital Marketing Skill Required in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s why analytics are important for your business

  1. Analytics help you understand your customers much better.
  2. Make data-driven and profitable decisions
  3. Optimize and achieve your desired results

With digital analytics skills, you become one of the most valuable assets for your marketing team. You can checkout various Google’s courses of Digital Analytics at Google Analytics Academy.

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Skill #6 Front End Code

Marketing in the digital world sometimes requires due to access to technical coding staff If you understand code and automation you able to make changes to the site according to your needs. Understanding coding will also help you to know what is possible and what isn’t possible.

We all know the difficulty in asking and developers to write meta descriptions or do minor changes according to our needs. If you know front end code you can do those tweaks by yourselves rather than asking a developer to help you in it. You can add certain tags that will help you monitor your website’s insights easily.

When you know coding you can design landing page by yourselves according to the needs of your funnel which will help you get higher conversions.

Coding is a fundamental skill in web development and also in digital professions. Not to mention the fact that coding adds a great deal of impression on your resume. This is the reason why coding has become the most in-demand digital marketing skill required in 2020.

You can start learning code from Code Academy or Udemy courses

Learning Coding | Digitaloger

Skill#7 Graphic Design

Learning Graphic design was one of the most fun experiences for me and can easily say it is the most in-demand digital marketing skill required in 2020.  Having a good sense of design while building landing pages and websites really help a lot. When you provide a digital marketing freelancing gig offering to design their ads and landing pages as a part of your gig really gives your personal brand a great boost.

A good design not only helps you but also helps customers in having a great user experience.

I would recommend starting with learning Adobe Illustrator and then photoshop. You can checkout SkillShare’s Graphic Design courses which is where I learned to design.

Skill #8 Digital psychology

As digital marketers, we need to look and focus on what users are doing through analytics but sometimes we forget to ask the important questions, why do they do it? That is where digital Psychology comes in place.

We need to learn customer behavior and provide content accordingly. When you provide content according to customer behavior they are more likely to convert.

Digital Psychology covers the concept like Need for Urgency, social following, Testimonials, etc

I would highly suggest you read this open-source Digital Psychology Guide and learn one of the most in-demand digital marketing skill in 2020 and beyond

Skill #9 Branding 

Branding is one of the most important skills because it makes a website or a business memorable for consumers. Consumers often become loyal to a brand and promote willingly through word of mouth. Good branding strategies will lead to a high customer retention rate which will lead to long term profitability.

In 2020 customers are becoming smart, no longer customers get acquired through running simple FB ads. Customers demand building relationships these days which requires goof branding strategies. Skill Like branding is the most in-demand digital marketing skill in 2020 and learning it will surely have great impacts on your career.

Skill #10 Customer Experience (CX)

Marketers in today’s world must change their mindset from selling to selling stories and great experiences. It is critical for brand image to manage the customer experience in each and every single point of the customer buying journey. It is similar to User Experience (UX) but UX only covers the Product and the user experience. CX covers everything from first point of interaction to the point of sale and the after-sale experience, CX is the experience between the customer and brand. It is a much broader terminology.

Very little is talked about CX although it impacts every area of your business and that’s why it is one of the most in demand digital marketing skill in 2020 and beyond

There you have it, these are the 9 Most in-demand digital marketing skills in 2020 which will help you stay relevant in this dynamic changing digital world. If you liked what you read a share would mean a lot! Also, subscribe to our Newsletter for insightful reads!

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